How to Prevent Bunions – Manhattan New York Foot Doctors

A bunion is a bone misalignment appearing as a wide protrusion on the joint between the big toe and the foot. Bunions are painful and, when swelling occurs, they become make it increasingly difficult to stand and walk. If allowed to worsen, bunions ultimately require surgical treatment. Prevention, on the other hand, is painless and considerably less expensive. Just follow the following pieces of advice to enjoy bunion-free feet.

Comfortable Shoes Fight the Formation of Bunions.

• Late afternoon is the best time of day to shop for new shoes. The rationale behind that is some people’s feet experience swelling during these specific hours. If you buy shoes at any other time of day, you may experience occasional tightness. Furthermore, never shop for shoes when your feet are in pain because it warps your perception of the long-term comfort of new shoes.

• Buy shoes with wide toe boxes that provide enough space to house the widest part of your feet. To determine if a pair of shoes is spacious enough, Place your feet firmly on the ground, and then place the shoes right next to your feet. After performing this side by side comparison, buy only those shoes that are bigger than your feet.

• Choose shoes that do not squeeze or press down onto your toes and the joint of your big toe. While most experts warn you that horizontal pressure from narrow shoes can cause bunions, they fail to tell you that vertical pressure can be just as bad.

• Avoid wearing narrow, pointy heels that are more than two inches high.

• Whenever you can, go barefoot. When you’re home by yourself or with family or close friends, take off your shoes.

• Insert orthopedic padding in your shoes whenever needed to make each pair of shoes you wear as comfortable and supportive as possible. Cushioned sports socks, bunion pads and cushions can also help, but make sure you buy bigger shoes to make room for the.

• Pamper yourself from time to time with foot massages, foot soaks, and other foot therapies to relieve foot pressure and keep the muscles, ligaments and joints in your feet soft and supple.