Bunion Treatment Options – Manhattan, New York

Looking for Bunion Treatment in Manhattan, NY? We know that bunions can be painful so getting bunion treatment is a top priority for anyone suffering from them. At Manhattan Footcare we want to help you decide which options are best for you and start getting you on your way to relief from the irritating pain of bunions.

What are bunions?

• Bunions involve enlargement and repositioning of joints at the ball of the foot.
• Bunions most commonly affect women.
• Bunions may or may not cause symptoms.
• Treatment of bunions can include rest, alteration of footwear, foot supports, medications, and/or surgery.

What are the bunion treatment options?

Simply resting your foot and avoiding excessive walking and wearing loose shoes may alleviate the pain. Over the counter anti-inflammation medications can also help ease the pain. Ice packs are sometimes helpful as well. Additionally, a local injection of cortisone can relieve inflammation of the joint.

Any signs of skin infection may require antibiotics. And for those bunions causing persisting pain, a surgical option may be considered.

What are the bunion surgery options?

Not everyone with a bunion requires surgery. It’s best to talk to your doctor about the best bunion treatment options for you.

There are many different surgical procedures that can be performed on bunions. The extent on the surgery is dependent on the extent of the problem. If the bones are badly deviated with such a bad angle to them that the foot is very misshaped, then the bone has to be cut and straightened to allow for proper alignment. In less advanced cases, it may simply be a matter of reducing the bump of the bunion with a less invasive procedure.

If you are considering bunion surgery in Manhattan, NY, call us at Manhattan Footcare today!