Heel Spurs Treatment – Manhattan, NYC

Like most New Yorkers, you’re probably on your feet for a majority of the day, so if you are experiencing pain and symptoms from heel spurs then you are probably searching for some immediate relief.

Heel spurs are very common but there are many non-surgical heel spurs treatment options out there. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms and decide on the best heel spurs treatment plan for you. If non-surgical treatment does not improve your symptoms you may need to explore other therapies.

What are Heel Spurs?

Heel spurs are abnormal bony growths that develop at the back or under the heel as a result of ongoing soft tissue inflammation or irritation. Heel spurs develop in some people that have a condition called plantar fasciitis, inflammation of the plantar fascia – the tissue that supports the arch of the foot.

Non-Surgical Heel Spurs Treatment

The majority of heel spurs can be treated without surgery. Non-surgical treatments that can help alleviate pain and symptoms of heels spurs are the following:

1.    Rest – Try giving you foot some rest, this will help ease the pain you are experiencing from putting pressure on your heel.

2.    Icing – Icing your heel will help reduce the inflammation and lessen your pain.

3.    Stretching – Stretching exercises can help relax the tissues in the heel.

4.    Custom orthotics – You may consider custom orthotics or shoes inserts that position and cushion your heel so that you do not aggravate the damaged tissue.

5.    Night splints – Night splints can help position the heel and arch of your foot while you sleep.

6.    Anti-inflammatory medications – Over the counter anti-inflammatory medications will help alleviate you pain symptoms by reducing inflammation around the heel.

7.    Cortisone injections – Try cortisone injections, they will help reduce the inflammation in your heel dramatically.

Surgical Heel Spurs Treatment

When non-surgical treatments for heels spurs have failed to alleviate your pain and symptoms, your doctor may recommend the following:

1.    Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) – This heel spur treatment uses energy pulses to repair the tissues in the heel.

2.    Plantar fascia release surgery – Surgery is the last treatment option for heel spurs and is only used a small percentage of the time. Plantar

fascia release surgery is very successful and is used to relax the plantar fascia.

If you are interested in more information about heel spurs and heel spur treatment in NYC, call our offices today!