Cosmetic Foot Surgery: An Emerging Trend

Deciding If Cosmetic Foot Surgery is the Right Choice for You

Cosmetic foot surgery seems to be a new phenomenon in orthopedics and podiatry. Fashion and comfort typically do not go hand in hand, and that is why we have seen an increase in concern for the elective surgery of the feet. Your foot is one of the most important external limbs on your body, making walking and moving about possible; however if you have painful bunions or corns this may limit your daily activities. Cosmetic foot surgery can offer you relief from painful foot conditions as well as improved confidence in the appearance of your feet.

Cosmetic Foot Surgery Can Correct Common Foot Conditions

  1. Bunions –A surgical treatment option for bunions relieve persistent pain for patients who are unable to fit comfortably into any kind of footwear. In this case, cosmetic foot surgery can also improve the appearance of your foot with removing the bump from the bunion.
  2. Hammer Toes – Cosmetic foot surgery can correct painful contracted toes, while removing unsightly corns.
  3. Toe Tuck – Cosmetic surgery of the pinky toe can make the toe look visibly slimmer. Painful corns on your pinky toe are removed and will make fitting shoes more comfortable.
  4. Toe Shortening – Many people are self conscious of a long second toe and opt to have cosmetic foot surgery to shorten their toes. Incisions to shorten the toe are carefully placed between the toes to reduce scarring.
  5. Fat – Cosmetic foot surgery can be done to removed unsightly fat to make heels look better or to add fat to the balls of the feet to make heals feel better.
  6. Narrow Feet – Cosmetic foot surgery can make wide feet narrower to allow for better fitting shoes.
  7. Foot Facelift – A total foot facelift can utilize a combination of the above procedures to enhance the overall appearance of the foot. Many patients feel that after the cosmetic foot surgery their shoes feel roomy and they are able to wear more stylish shoes.

If you are interested in cosmetic foot surgery to improve painful foot conditions as well as the appearance of your feet, contact our offices today!