Neuropathy in the Feet: How to recognize it and how to treat it.

Neuropathy is a disorder that restricts circulation and conduction of the nervous system, specifically in the lower limbs of the body, such as the feet. Some patients who develop diabetic neuropathy and nerve damage may not experience any symptoms at all, but pain, tingling and numbness are common indications of this disorder.

Neuropathy in the feet is common in people with diabetes; however anyone can develop the disorder.

Questions to ask yourself: Do you have Neuropathy in the feet?

  • Do your feet always retain the same temperature? Do you remember the last time you feet felt hot or cold?
  • Are you able to feel textures beneath your feet? Would you be able to feel the roughness of a hard carpet or the ridges in a bamboo floor mat?
  • Do your feet sometimes have delayed reflexes? If hot water spilled on your foot would you notice as quickly as you would if hot water spilled on your hand?
  • Do you feel a constant tingle or numbness in the toes or balls of your feet?
  • Is your foot ultra sensitive to the touch? Would it hurt if someone drew a pen across your foot?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be developing, or already have Neuropathy in feet and should begin preventative measures. This is a disorder that can have severe side effects and any symptoms should be taken very seriously.

Take these steps to help prevent Neuropathy in the feet:

  • Keep your feet meticulously clean- do not allow a buildup of old dirt and grime
  • Always have something covering your feet, whether that is shoes outside or socks inside
  • Make sure your shoes fit properly. Do not wear anything that causes pinching or skin irritation
  • Examine your feet every night for discolorations, minor cuts or bruises
  • Follow a healthy diet and make sure you get your daily dose of essential vitamins
  • Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol
  • See your local podiatrist for a professional opinion

Neuropathy in the feet is not something to be taken lightly, but if you are careful with your feet you can avoid the serious problems that sometimes result from the disorder.

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