Who Needs Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment in NYC?

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when too much compression or squeezing occurs around the posterior tribal nerve, which is the nerve that runs along he inside of the ankle, right next to the ankle bone. Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is a foot injury that can occur for a number of reasons.

While there is no determining what problems a person will develop later in life, there are many factors that can help us predict who will need Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome treatment.

Who will most likely need Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome treatment in NYC?

The flat footed

People with flat feet are more at risk of needing Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment than others. This is because the “fallen arches” of the foot can cause compression or strain on the nerve.

Those with abnormal feet

If you have varicose veins, a ganglion cyst, a swollen tendon or arthritic bone spurs you are more at risk of needing Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome treatment. These enlarged and abnormal structures occupies space in the tunnel, compressing the Tarsal nerve.

The injured

When you sustain a foot injury, such as an ankle fracture or sprain, you might experience inflammation or swelling. If this occurs near the Tarsal Tunnel you may develop this syndrome and will need Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome treatment.

The diabetic or arthritic

People with Diabetes or Arthritis often experience many complications in the outer areas of their limbs, such as the hands and feet. These diseases often cause extreme swelling in the feet and can seriously compress the nerves around the ankle. If you are diabetic or arthritic you could develop Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.

Who should decide if you need Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome treatment in NYC?

If you think you are experiencing Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome you should visit your podiatrist immediately. This syndrome can go without symptoms for a long time and then suddenly will leave you in serious pain.

You might be able to determine if you have the syndrome or not, but you should leave it to a podiatrist to decide if you should go through Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome treatment, and what sort of treatment to apply. If you are experiencing tingling, numbness, burning or sharp pain on the inside or bottom of the foot you should consult with a podiatrist.

Types of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome treatment in NYC

Therapies can range from resting to surgery. Your podiatrist might prescribe an oral medication, physical therapy, injection therapy, special shoes, bracing or several other forms of therapy. Again, make sure you get a professional opinion on this because all Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome cases are not equal.

Think you could use Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome treatment in NYC? Contact your local NYC podiatrist.

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