Do You Need NYC Foot Bursitis Treatment?

Do you have foot bursitis?

Have you been feeling pain or stiffness if your feet? Are your feet creating difficulty walking? Is the area around a joint in your foot inflamed or red?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your feet might benefit from NYC foot bursitis treatment.

What is foot bursitis?

Foot Bursitis is a very common reason behind foot pain. There are over 30 joints in each foot, and between each of these joints is something called a bursal sac. A bursal sac is what lies between each bone in a joint, lubricating the area and allowing the joint to move smoothly.

When too much pressure is put on a joint or a joint is under constant overuse, the bursal sac may fill up with extra fluid and salt crystals, making it difficult for the joint to move as it should. Foot bursitis is so common because we are always putting a great amount of pressure on our feet every day from exercise, or simply from walking on hard surfaces.

Foot bursitis can cause a range of pain, from feeling uncomfortable walking to pain when putting on your socks.

NYC Foot Bursitis Treatment

The shoes you are wearing may be causing too much friction or pressure on a certain joint. Get rid of these shoes to stop halt the problem.

If getting rid of your shoes doesn’t alleviate your foot pain, over the counter anti-inflammatory medications can be taken for 10-14 days. If the problem still continues after two weeks of medication, see your doctor. You will likely need one of the following foot bursitis treatment options.

Foot Bursitis Treatment Options, ranging from conservative to drastic

• Orthopedic padding may reduce inflammation
• Draining of the excess fluid in the bursal sac
• Ultra sounds to dissolve salt crystals.
• Cortisone injections
• Surgical intervention

Bursitis can happen in other joints all over the body, such as your shoulders, elbows, knees, hips and elsewhere. However with the amount of pressure we put on our foot joints every day, Foot Bursitis treatment is most commonly sought out.

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