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Diabetic foot care is unfortunately, something that over 24 millions of Americans need to learn and maintain every year. One serious consequence of diabetes is amputation. Due to the slowed circulation of blood that is a result of diabetes, your feet are the first to stop receiving the proper amount of oxygen. Because of this, diabetic foot care and maintaining circulation in the feet is vital in preventing foot amputation.

Before you receive diabetic foot care, learn why you need it:

High blood sugar can harden your arteries, slowing down blood flow and the transfer of nutrients between tissues. Because your feet are the farthest from your heart, it can be very difficult for blood flow to reach them. As a result, your diabetic feet may become cold, painful and unable to fight infections from small cuts. Nerve sensations in the feet can be diminished as well, so you might not know when your foot is in trouble.

Diabetic foot care solutions

Be cautious with your diabetic feet

Avoiding walking around barefoot is a preventative practice taken in diabetic foot care. You may have some loss of feeling in your feet, so if you accidentally stepped on a tack or a piece of glass you might not know to take care of it as soon as you should. You need to inspect your diabetic feet every day and make sure there are no cuts or discolorations.

Be smart about how you dress your diabetic feet

Don’t let fashion harm your health. Wearing the right shoes is a form of diabetic foot care. You should not wear heels, nor should you wear shoes that are too big, too small or too stiff. Make sure they fit properly and have any orthotics that might help with comfort. Always make sure you are wearing warm enough footwear in wintery weather and slippers when inside at home. Check to make sure that the soles of your shoes are not so smooth that you slip.

Be conscious of temperature and moisture with diabetic feet

Always be aware of how hot bathwater is before you step in it, or how cold the ground is before you step on it. A burn or frostbite might not affect you until it’s too late. After any bath or shower, make sure you dry between your toes to avoid moisture from lingering and producing foot fungus.

Be delicate with diabetic feet

You should still clean your feet just as much as you always have, but diabetic foot care requires you to be very delicate with them. You can trim your toenails if they are very long, but make sure they are still long enough to protect your toenail beds from becoming exposed. Avoid medicated corn pads because while they may take off a callous, they might also take off surrounding skin, creating an ulcer on your feet. If you have corns or calluses, ask your podiatrist to take care of them.

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