Hammer Toe Treatment

Hammer toe, although sometimes unnoticeable, is a painful and difficult to treat if the deformity is not treated quickly enough. Hammer toe is when the second third or fourth toe bends at the far knuckle, causing the toe to resemble a hammer.

When shoes are worn that do not fit properly, the toes can be forced into a hammer toe position. Excessively high heels or shoes that are too small may cause hammer toe if worn often enough. To receive hammer toe treatment, one needs to be properly diagnosed first, so a digital x-ray or another similar test is needed in conjunction with a physical examination.

hammer toe treatment

Hammer toe treatment varies depending on the severity of the deformity. At an early stage, hammer toe treatment may need to go no further than switching to more comfortable footwear (not pointed or heeled shoes) or inserting foot orthotics into your shoes. Shoes should be roomy with a deep area for the toes and good arch support.

A slightly more severe case may require hammer toe treatment consisting of straps or splits to re-align the toes. Injections of corticosteroid are used to alleviate pain and swelling, but this is not a permanent treatment. Ibuprofen and other non-steroidal drugs may also be used for temporary pain relief.

Finally, if you are in desperate need of hammer toe treatment because pain medications are not working and your toes are stuck in their bent position, you will need a surgical procedure to straighten them out. Foot surgery can be a scary thing, but luckily hammer toe surgery is the most common type of toe surgery.

Whether you have had surgery or are trying non-invasive forms of hammer toe treatment, stretching exercises should always be involved in fixing the deformity. Gently pull your toes in each direction and hold each stretch for several seconds. If you do this form of hammer toe treatment in the mornings and at night you may be able to eventually work your toes back to their normal position.

Your local podiatrist in NYC will be able to show you all the necessary hammer toe treatment exercises to guide you back to a healthy foot.

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