Burning Foot: What You Should Know if Your Foot Is Burning

Do you feel like your foot is burning? This may be due to one of several illnesses or  substance abuse behaviors. A burning foot is typically a result of a neuroma, which is a compression, or a pinched nerve between the third and fourth toes, felt in the ball of the foot.

The pinched nerve that comes with burning foot causes a fairly painful swelling in the foot as well as burning, tingling and numbness. These symptoms will increase in severity with typical use and pressure. If mere act of walking makes you feel like your foot is burning even more than it already is, you should see an NYC podiatrist as soon as possible so you can diagnose and treat your burning foot as soon as you feel symptoms.

How does burning foot happen?

There are the long bones in the foot called metatarsals. Running between these bones are very thin nerves which split in a Y-shape when they reach the toes. If the metatarsal bones move abnormally, they can pinch the nerve between them, causing neuronal inflammation, or burning foot. This may eventually lead to permanent nerve damage.

Who gets burning  foot?

Burning foot is most commonly found in diabetic people over the age of 50 who have been dependent on insulin for many years. This also produces several other problems, such as vitamin deficiency. While older diabetics are the most common to complain that a foot is burning, there are many other causes for this condition besides age and diabetes.

Other common cases of burning foot include infectious diseases, such as Leishmaniasis, a rarely reported neurologic change secondary to a bacteria, Thrombocytopenia, thyroid dysfunction and gastric restriction in the morbidly obese.

Diseases aside, one other cause behind burning foot is suspected to be alcohol abuse. A loss of sensation, also known as Neuropathy, may be due to alcohol ingestion over long periods of time.

Burning foot can become a serious problem if not treated. If you sense that your foot is burning, take care of it right away by visiting an NYC podiatrist.

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