Tendonitis Foot Symptoms

Tendonitis foot symptoms are very simple to identify for most people who have it, as there is a strong correlation between this condition and constant and rigorous exercise involving the foot. Whether you are an athlete or are just starting to exercise, it is fairly simple to treat Tendonitis foot symptoms if detected right away and may not require seeing an NYC podiatrist at all.

What is Tendonitis Foot?

Tendonitis Foot is a common problem stemming from overuse of the posterior tibial tendon, which is why it occurs mostly in runners (new or consistent) or other athletes. This tendon helps to support the arch of the foot, and prevents your feet from rolling.

Common Tendonitis foot symptoms:

Tendonitis foot symptoms are highly probable for those who are just beginning a new workout regime. In fact, these people have higher risk of developing the condition than regular athletes. If you have been working out recently and experience tingling, burning, shooting pains in the foot or an inflamed instep, you should consider them to Tendonitis foot symptoms.

A symptom of an inflammation is a warm feeling in the foot and discomfort during the later hours of the day, after the foot has been used for many hours. This discomfort is often described as a “stabbing feeling” and will be painful, especially when weight or pressure is applied to the foot.

Begin Treating Your Tendonitis foot symptoms ASAP:

Treatment of these conditions of the foot is dependent on the severity of the problem. It is recommended that you stay off your feet as much as possible, and that you refrain from all sporting activities. Most cases are resolved with periods of rest, icing the site in intervals of 20 minutes, compressing the site with a long, wrapped stretch bandage and elevating the foot above your heart. This treatment is commonly referred to as the R.I.C.E method, and is the typical at-home treatment for most foot conditions in addition to tendonitis foot. Anti-inflammatory medicine or topical pain relief ointment may be used as well.

If your Tendonitis foot symptoms persist after the recommended treatment, you should contact an NYC podiatrist. In extreme cases, surgery may be required to repair the damaged tendon.

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