At Home Diabetic Foot Treatment in NYC

At home diabetic foot treatment in NYC is extremely important to learn if you or a loved has this metabolic disease. The feet become particularly susceptible to infections and nerve damage due to poor circulation and high blood sugar. They need to be taken care to prevent the situation from quickly worsening, especially in New York City where the streets can be very dirty and so much walking is done.

Some pointers for at home diabetic foot treatment in NYC

o Maintain good foot hygiene. Wash each one every day with mild soap and warm (but not hot) water.
o Keep the blood in your feet circulating. Both smoking and sitting cross-legged can decrease blood supply to your feet. When sleeping, your socks should be fairly loose, so they don’t cut off any circulation.
o Don’t let your feet get cold. Make sure you have proper shoes for when you are outside and warm socks for when you are inside. Don’t let your feet get wet in rain or snow.
o Don’t let your feet get too hot either. You could get a burn or experience nerve damage if you put your feet on radiators or in front of the fireplace.
o Protect the skin’s surface – Don’t soak your feet, making the skin overly soft. To keep the skin on your feet the right level of soft, use a quality moisturizer. Make sure not to get it in between your toes though.
o Keep the skin strong and avoid using heating pads or sharp instruments on your feet. Antiseptic solutions and drugstore medications should not be used either.
o Keep the edges of your toenails blunt and flat. Cut them straight across and avoid cutting the corners. Use a nail file or emery board. If you find an ingrown toenail, call Manhattan Footcare right away. Never try to fix it yourself.

If you follow the pointers above for at home diabetic foot treatment in NYC you should be safe from developing more severe foot problems. Foot problems can escalate from a minor irritation into amputation, so it is not worth it to ignore your feet.

Want more information on diabetic foot treatment in NYC? Contact our office at Manhattan Footcare schedule an appointment with one of our expert podiatrists.

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