Spider Vein Treatment – What are Spider Veins?

What are spider veins and how can you treat them?

Spider veins, a smaller form of varicose veins, affect up to 60% of adults and are three times as common in women as in men.  They are small blood vessels which often appear tangled underneath the skin’s surface.  Spider veins generally appear on the legs and thighs, but can also occur elsewhere on the body.

They are usually red, blue, or purple.  There are several reasons we develop spider veins.  Those who sit or stand for great amounts of time are at an increased risk for developing this condition.  Spider veins can also appear during pregnancy due to the rapid increase in blood volume during this time.  Other triggers for spider veins include certain medications, excessive sun exposure, blood clots, heredity, and growing older.

Although there are no physical symptoms associated with having spider veins, a great portion of those with the condition choose to have them removed to get smooth, even colored legs.

Manhattan Footcare has the premier laser in spider vein removal – the Fotona laser.

This unique laser has capabilities beyond those typically used for spider vein removal.  Its precise beam targets the actual vein rather than the surface of your skin, allowing for complete vein removal.   This laser procedure damages or destroys the visible veins, leaving you with clear, smooth skin.   Manhattan Footcare’s Fotona laser is the best laser available in New York City for spider vein removal.  The treatment is comfortable, safe, and works on all skin types and colors.  In the days after the procedure, the veins will disappear.  Some cases required a follow up treatment after six weeks.  The best part about treating spider veins using a laser is that they should not recur after treatment.

So stop hiding your legs!  Manhattan Footcare’s spider vein removal treatment is quick, easy, and painless.  Contact us at (212) 629-5090 to schedule a consultation.