Children’s Foot Doctor in New York explains Foot Problems in Children

Visiting a children’s foot doctor is an important checkup that you should regularly take your child to. Did you know that foot problems in children effect 90% of our young population? Pediatric podiatry is an absolute must.

Ignoring foot problems in children can eventually cause serious problems in other parts of the body, such as the legs and back. Bad foot health can cause children to have poor posture and develop an awkward walk which other children may poke fun at. The typical result of this is that the aggrieved child becomes shy and introverted. Consulting with a children’s foot doctor in New York can help resolve these problems before they get serious.

Why foot problems in children are so common:

Baby feet develop rapidly during the first year, growing to just about half the size they’ll be in adulthood. This is why our children’s foot doctor in New York calls the first year of a baby’s life the most important ear in their feet development.

Baby feet actually contain more cartilage than bone at first because babies are born with only 22 out of the 26 bones that each adult foot has. Even though the foot grows rapidly during the first year, the last four bones aren’t fully developed until your child is in his or her late teen years. Foot problems in children are very common because abnormal pressure can cause their pliable feet to become deformed.

Common foot problems in children:

Some of the foot problems in children that our children’s foot doctor in New York frequently provides treatment for include:
• Foot deformities
• Flat footedness’
• Excessive foot odors and sweat
• In-toeing and out-toeing
• Leg cramps
• Growing pains
• Skin conditions

These foot problems in children range in seriousness, some spiraling to other more abstract issues like a lack of self-confidence and some may eventually require surgical correction.

Don’t let your child walk through life with foot problems that could have been easily avoided and/or taken care of. Consult with Manhattan Footcare’s children’s foot doctor in New York to prevent foot problems in your own children.

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