Dancers Feet: NYC Foot Doctors Explain Foot Treatments for Dancers

Dancers Feet is a term that is used to describe the unsightliness and pain that pointe dancers and other professional dancers must endure in their feet. Dancers Feet problems can include bunions, sweaty feet, blisters and foot and ankle injuries, but these are just some of the reasons why Manhattan Footcare’s NYC foot doctors are always providing answers and foot treatments for dancers.

Dancers Feet Tips for Treating and Preventing Bunions

Bunions are when the big toe points inward to the second toe, causing a large bump on the front outside edge of your foot.  This makes is painful and difficult to wear normal shoes.  Preventing bunions starts with proper footwear. When dancing, try to wear shoes with a wider “toe-box” to lessen the pinching and when not dancing, avoid wearing high heels because bunions get worse with irritation.

If you already have bunions but need to keep dancing you should cushion them by placing moleskin around the bumps. When not dancing, elevate your foot and apply ice to the inflamed bunion for 20 minutes every other hour. This should ease the discomfort but if pain and swelling continue, contact your local or our NYC foot doctors for professional recommendations of foot treatments for dancers.

Dancers Feet Tips for Preventing Sweaty Feet and Blisters

Sweaty feet cause your feet to slip and slide in your shoes and create friction between skin and the fabric of your shoe, thus making sweaty feet the main reason behind blistering dancers feet. Sprinkling your shoes with foot powders, talcum powder or cornstarch can help prevent your feet from sweating. Keeping hydrated is also of the most effective ways of preventing excessively sweaty feet and blistering.

There are other ways to prevent blisters from dancing as well, including placing medical tape or Second Skin where you are prone to blistering. However, if you are using powders and covering your feet in tapes and you still have excessively sweaty feet and painful blisters, you may have plantar hyperhidrosis. If you think this could be the case, get in touch with your local or NYC foot doctors. Too many blisters exposed to sweat can lead to infection and can prevent you from dancing.

Dancers Feet Tips for Treating Foot and Ankle Injuries

We understand that many dancers don’t mind dancers feet and might want to push through foot and ankle injuries in order to keep dancing. As NYC foot doctors, we highly recommend taking off a couple of weeks to replace dancing with the RICE method, which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. You can read more about foot treatments for dancers with foot and ankle injuries here in our post, How to Treat a Foot Injury.

Professional and hobbyist dancers put intense pressure on the tips of their toes. This can cause all sorts of very unsightly, painful and even dangerous issues in the feet. If you are concerned about your dancers feet, contact our NYC foot doctors immediately for a consultation and personalized recommendations of foot treatments for dancers.

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