Do High Heels Damage Your Feet? The Best Podiatrist In Manhattan Explains the Effects of Wearing High Heels

“Do high heels damage your feet?” is a question many women want to ask. In short, the answer is yes.  But most women don’t want just a yes or no answer, they want details.  At Manhattan Footcare, we have the best podiatrist in Manhattan here to explain the effects of wearing high heels.

The effects of wearing high heels vary depending on the height, width and flexibility of the shoe as well as the frequency the shoes are worn. In general, the higher and more narrow the heel, and of course the more often the shoes are worn, the faster and more severe the effects of wearing high heels will be. The more severe the shoe, the worse they are.

So How Exactly Do High Heels Damage Your Feet?

One problem is  the height of the high heels. The higher the heel the  less balance and stability you will have, making the high-heel wearer much more likely to obtain a foot injury such as an ankle sprain. Not only will you have less balance when you walk in high heels, but your foot will be kept in an unnatural position.

The unnatural position your feet are in when wearing high heels will cause you to put pressure of the ball of the foot. This is a critical joint in the foot, so the nerves around it may become inflamed and very painful, sometimes leading to hairline fractures and extremely protruded veins. These particular effects of wearing high heels will be worse if the heel is a stiletto, because all of your weight will be pinpointed in one area.

Other effects of wearing high heels include abnormal growths on the feet. Wearing high heels will make certain parts of the shoe to rub up against your foot in unusual places, like the sides of the toes or the spot right above your heel. This can cause calluses, corns and blisters. Even worse, wearing high heels may cause swelling and pain in the Achilles Tendon and even a tiny bone protrusion could form above your heel.

Depending on the toe box, wearing high heels could abnormally and permanently scrunch your toes together, creating unattractive toe shapes and may also lead to bunions.  Bunions are a common complaint among women who are constantly wearing high heels and often seek out cosmetic foot surgery as a result. While it’s always possible to have them taken care of by the best podiatrist in Manhattan, it can be a painful procedure and is best to be avoided.

Still asking yourself “do high heels damage your feet?” If you have more questions about the effects of wearing high heels, please call Manhattan Footcare to talk to the best podiatrist in  Manhattan.

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