The Best Podiatrist in Manhattan dispenses Foot Health Tips

Manhattan Footcare’s best podiatrist in Manhattan has some secrets for making your feet ready for springtime in New York City.

When the weather gets warmer, take extra care to avoid foot infection

Now that the cold weather is behind us it’s time to start wearing those skin-bearing shoes that have been packed away for months, so it’s also time to expose the feet that have been covering up since October to all of Manhattan.

“A little attention to your feet can go a long way in terms of comfort and overall foot health,” says our best podiatrist in Manhattan. “Treat yourself to a pedicure to make your feet ready for warm weather.” Male or Female, a pedicure will make sure your feet are clean and ready to be exposed for optimum foot health.

Tips for Foot Health and Avoiding Foot Infection

If you don’t want to go out and get a pedicure, you can do a few things to care of your feet on your own.  Manhattan Footcare advises that you make sure to cut your toenails straight across. Longer toenails mean that they are more susceptible to breakage, which can lead to a foot infection. You don’t want an infected toenail when you’re wearing those sandals!

Another thing that can lead to a foot infection are cracks in the feet. Our best podiatrist in Manhattan has seen that around this time of year, many patients have very dry skin on their feet. Dry skin may have caused your skin to crack over the winter, and exposing those cracks to the streets of Manhattan and the rest of New York City could cause you to get dirt or other outside elements to give you a foot infection.

Tips for Foot Health When Buying Spring and Summer Shoes

While a callous or a corn would not count as a foot infection, you should still have them  taken off. Your feet should be of their normal size and shape when you buy and break in new shoes or sandals. Different shoes interact with the skin of your feet differently.

When buying new shoes make sure they fit properly. In Manhattan New York, many people rely on walking as their main method of transportation and  the average number of miles walked grows higher in the warmer months. All that walking will take a big toll on your feet, ankles and legs if you don’t have the proper fitting shoes.

Not only is the size of your shoe important but the shape of it as well. The best podiatrist in Manhattan will always tell you that wearing very tall heels are bad for the health of your feet. If you are going to an event where you take a cab there, walk in and sit for most of the night heels are alright, but should be kept under two inches. If you are doing more walking than that, you should stick to flatter shoes that offer ankle support. This means no flip-flops or ballet flats!

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