What Should Dancers Do to Prevent Dancer’s feet? What is Dancers Foot?

New York City is home to Juilliard, one of one of the most prominent musical performance schools the country. This prominent school is known all over the world for the ballerinas and other dancers it produces, but here at Manhattan Footcare it is known for the podiatric patients with dancer’s feet it produces.

What is Dancer’s foot?

Dancer’s foot is not necessarily a condition but is a struggle that dedicated dancers deal with every day. Standing on tiptoes is painful and puts serious stress on the feet. This great amount of stress can lead to big problems including sprains, broken bones, fractures, corns, bunions, blackened toenails and a severe need for cosmetic foot surgery.

Luckily at Manhattan Footcare, we take care of all of these things and more for the dancers in New York City who are living with dancer’s feet.

What should dancers do to prevent dancer’s feet?

One of the best pieces of advice that our foot doctors and podiatrists tell dancers is that they should be visiting Manhattan Footcare on a regular basis to help prevent serious problems.  When you are putting so much strain on such a small but essential part of the body, problems are bound to arise and most likely, they may become permanent if not taken care of in a timely fashion.

To prevent dancers’ feet, a ballerina or other type of dancer should never, under any circumstances try to fix a problem on their own. Dancers have been known to go after their feet with scissors and razorblades, but this can cause infection which can lead to much more serious problems down the road.  If you think that your foot might have bone or ligament damage, do not wait out the problem. Seek out a New York City podiatrist right away, before the damage worsens.

When not dancing, dancers need to do all they can to protect their feet. They should avoid wearing high heels and should keep their feet clean at all costs. With the amount of cuts and bruises that come with dancer’s feet there comes many opportunities for infections.  You want to avoid this as much as possible so you can continue dancing.

It is no simple task for dedicated dancers to prevent dancers feet, but it is an essential part of your overall body health to keep you feet healthy and to regularly see a foot doctor. Visit Manhattan Footcare for a convenient, knowledgeable and helpful staff of podiatrists.