Aging Feet – How to Prevent Your Feet From Looking Older

Suddenly experiencing unsightly foot problems? It could be from your aging feet!

If you are like most people, you have probably taken your feet for granted most of your life. Have you ever stopped to consider what your feet do for you? As a child, they helped you learn to walk, run and climb tall trees. As you grew up, your feet supported your body through sports, learning to drive and walking everywhere you needed to go.

In spite of the occasional stubbed toe or painful soles from too much dancing, feet put up with a lot. They bear the weight of your entire body for much of your waking hours, with little complaining! However, as we get older, so do our feet. All those years of use begin to take their toll, and foot problems are some of the first signs that we are indeed aging!

First Signs of Aging Feet

The first signs that age is affecting your feet are in their structure and appearance. All those years of bearing your weight take their toll, and your feet may begin to increase in both shoe size and width. Arches can flatten, tendons and ligaments become weaker and the fatty pads that cushion the bottoms of the feet get thinner. All these factors can sneak up on you, and you may start to suffer from foot pain. Mild foot pain can often be remedied by resting with your feet elevated, warm-water soaks or a good foot massage.

Good Shoes Are Essential to Slowing Aging in the Feet

As your feet begin to feel the effects of aging, it is important to treat them kindly. Purchase shoes at the end of the day, when feet are at their widest. Avoid buying shoes because they are your size. Instead, look for options that provide comfort and support, using size as a guideline. Special orthotics can be purchased to add cushioning to the bottoms of the feet where the pads have worn down. Above all, never skimp on shoes. As your feet age, they will need quality support in order to maintain their overall health and avoid other foot problems.

Common Foot Problems Associated With Aging

As your feet get older, you become susceptible to common, yet annoying, foot problems. These problems can occur at any stage of life, however, due to the amount of wear and tear an aging foot has been through, they are more common in the elderly. Some of these include: nail fungus, bunions, corns and calluses. There are a wide variety of over-the-counter remedies for these types of foot problems, but a doctor’s visit is the best place to start.

Medical Conditions That Can Make You Susceptible to Foot Problems

There are many medical conditions that can predispose a person to foot problems. Diabetes is a common disease that requires meticulous foot care in order to avoid complications, such as infection, that can lead to serious illness, and even the loss of toes or feet. Another common complaint of old age is arthritis, which can cause severe pain and disability when the bones and joints of the feet are affected. It is recommended that arthritis be managed by a physician in order to lessen the chances of foot problems. Obesity is a factor in foot problems for people of all ages, but particularly in the aging. Keeping weight at normal levels will prevent many foot problems and will help you maintain youthful feet.

As you can see, aging can affect our feet in many ways. Treat your feet well and they will serve you for a lifetime! For more information about foot problems and treatments, please visit our foot problems and conditions page.