The Importance of a Good NYC Podiatrist – Manhattan Footcare

The foot is the most frequently used body part aside from your hands. It is used to walk, run, swim, stand and sit, among other functions. Like every other body part, the foot is also vulnerable to bruises and a variety of injuries. So what do you do if you fell awkwardly while walking on a slippery street, on steep stairs, or on a bumpy road? What if an unbearable itch is beginning to attack your feet?

An NYC Podiatrist, Manhattan Footcare is there to help you deal with these kinds of injuries. From sprains, blisters, bone spurs, arthritis and other ailments, every one of these special doctors are here to help you get back on your feet. At the Manhattan Footcare, they provide you all kinds of foot care needs for every type of injury. Each NYC Podiatrist, Manhattan Footcare is well trained in foot care service, giving you initial evaluation on what kind of pain you are experiencing.

On your first visit to Manhattan Footcare, our NYC Podiatrist will ask you the origin of your injury and the exact event of it. Then you will be asked about the location of the painful area.  Afterwards you will give the day-to-day status of your injury. He may also ask you about your family’s history of injuries and illnesses that may determine the extent of your injury. He will then give you an initial physical examination to determine the extent of your injury.

Foot Treatments At Manhattan Footcare

So what kinds of treatment Manhattan Footcare gives to every patient? Every treatment depends on the severity of the injury, so each NYC Podiatrist we have at our office is trained to handle all levels. They are here to provide initial diagnosis, evaluation and first aid. In the case of severe injuries such as bone spurs, warts and tendonitis, surgery may be required. But for minor types of injuries medicinal treatment such as application of creams, tight taping of the ankles and ice treatment may be applied. Severe injuries may be recommended to a lead surgeon and other specialized doctors for further treatment. For children experiencing similar foot pain, a pediatric podiatry division is also here to help your children.

If you want to learn more about Manhattan Footcare, its podiatrists, products and treatments, as well as the specialized injury conditions with which you need to address.