Taking Care of Ankle Injuries

Whilst foot care is important, ankle protection and care are equally vital. Ankles joints are susceptible to pain and tenderness with aging, as well as sprains and fractures, which are the most common ankle injuries. The ankle joint is made up three major bones, tendons that connect muscles to those bones, and ligaments that connect the bones to each other.

Ankle sprains occur when ligaments are injured from too much stress or tearing. A sprain could mean just microscopic tears in the fibers of the ligaments, to complete rupturing. Ankle fracture is when one or more of those three major bones break. Bone fractures also vary in seriousness, from a stress or hairline fracture, which is a thin crack, to compound fracture where the bone breaks through the skin.

No matter the injury and degree of seriousness, you should always get it checked by a doctor to prevent worsening of the symptoms. The ankle is an important joint and letting a mild injury get away will lead to long term consequences that hinder your ability to move freely.

Ankle Injury Causes and Symptoms

Various activities and accidents cause ankle injuries; most of those occur during sports activities and walking on uneven surfaces, though wearing the wrong shoes could also injure the ankle. Walking in high heels, especially stilettos and pumps, could twist or sprain the ankle if the person lands awkwardly and forces the ankle into an unnatural position, while perpetually wearing the trendy ballet flats causes feet problems too due to lack of arch support.

Many people have trouble discerning the difference between ankle sprains and fractures, since the symptoms are very similar. Both injuries lead to sudden and severe pain, swelling of the ankle and bruising. However a sprain makes the ankle feel stiff, while a fractured ankle would be tender to the touch, and if severe enough, the ankle would become deformed.

But due to individual tolerance for pain, people could mistake fractures for sprains, which is another reason why you should always see a doctor about an ankle injury instead of just assuming it to be mild. The ankle is such an important joint that we rely on day to day, taking good care of it after an injury is vital for living an active life without worries of pain.

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