Fotona Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus and Other Foot Conditions

Fotona laser treatment is a revolutionary new podiatry therapy to relieve patients of toenail fungus. Topical medication rarely works in clearing fungal nail infections, but now patients have the option of choosing Fotona laser therapy to eradicate this condition completely.

The Fotona laser targets the fungal infection and uses its flat top beam to precisely clear the fungi without damaging the surrounding tissue. Instead of using creams and ointments for months on end without any effects or taking prescription medication, a few minutes of the laser treatment could provide much needed relief.

Additional Benefits of Fotona Podiatry Laser Treatments

  • Safe and convenient
  • Efficacy rate of nearly 90% within six to nine months where the disease nail is replaced with the growth of a new healthy nail.
  • No adverse reactions, injuries, and side effects that are common with medication and surgeries.
  • No patient down time after treatments
  • Laser targets specific infectious area with minimal healthy tissue damage

Fotona laser therapy could also be used for other foot and skin conditions, so if you suffer from toenail fungal infections, or any of other conditions that you have tried treating with medication and ointments but saw no results, consider Fotona Podiatry Laser Therapy.

You are busy and have bigger things to think about other than toenail fungus. Learn more about Fotona Laser Therapy and schedule an appointment with Manhattan Footcare to take care of those small nuisances today.

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