Benefits of Getting Cosmetic Foot Surgery Now

For those considering cosmetic foot surgery in Manhattan and surrounding areas, you may be wondering if the risks outweigh the benefits.  Getting cosmetic foot surgery now, in fall and winter, is the optimal season. After surgery, the feet will need some time to heal and adjust to their new look. During this time, it is best to wear close-toe shoes that are made for comfort and will facilitate healing, which is easier to do in winter and fall. By the time the summer months come around, the feet will be healed and ready for sandals. Other benefits of cosmetic foot surgery include:

  • Increase confidence. Boost each patient’s self-esteem while wearing any shoe.
  • Pain free. No more pain when wearing heels.
  • Ability to wear sandals. Stop avoiding sandal purchases, and wear open-toe shoes with confidence.
  • Eliminate temporary solutions. Buying comfort pads and other temporary solutions can cost $100s of per year.

Types of Cosmetic Foot Surgery Procedures

Give Manhattan Footcare a call to discuss your podiatric needs. We complete a variety of procedures including:

  • Toe lengthening/shortening. If one toe is causing an unusual or unattractive appearance when wearing sandals, a simple lengthening/shortening procedure can easily improve the appearance of sandals.
  • Better heel fit. For people who endure excruciating pain wearing heels, it could be that the foot does not have enough support to produce comfort.
  • Fat Removal. Remove unsightly fat from feet and ankles, so that women can wear heels with confidence.
  • Narrow wide feet. Buying shoes with wide feet is complicated and never-ending due to the constant need for wider sizes. Cosmetic foot surgery can narrow feet so that they are more adaptable to any shoe.
  • Fix hammer toes. In addition to lengthening and shortening toes, cosmetic surgery can also fix unsightly toes damaged from years of wearing poorly fitting shoes.

With over 50 years of experience in cosmetic foot surgery, Dr. Menna and Dr. Pace can help anyone seeking podiatry treatment. All patients receive personalized treatment and we offer three convenient locations in Midtown, Tribeca and Brooklyn. If you are considering cosmetic foot surgery in Manhattan, contact Manhattan Footcare today.

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