Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Causes and Symptoms

Most people know and understand what carpel tunnel syndrome is, but may not have heard of foot carpel tunnel, which is called tarsal tunnel syndrome. Tarsal Tunnel causes just as many problems in the foot, as carpel tunnel does in the wrist. It can affect people in many ways, especially if they are runners; they may not be able to run without feeling pain and further inflammation.

What is Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome?

Tarsal tunnel syndrome affects the posterior tibial nerve in the foot. The tarsal tunnel is the narrow space that lies on the inside ankle, next to the ankle bones. When a pinched nerve or damage to the area compresses or squeezes the nerve, inflammation occurs, making it difficult to walk, run, or do other exercises without numbness and/or pain.

What are Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms?

The most common symptom of this syndrome is numbness or pain. The pain can range from a tingling sensation when walking or shooting pain. Because of this pain, people often go to the doctor thinking something serious is going on. When the pain is centered on the inside of the ankle or/and on the bottom of the foot, accompanied by numbness, is most assuredly is tarsal tunnel syndrome. Not everyone will experience the pain in the same area. Some will feel it in one isolated spot, while others may sense a general achiness on the bottom, the heel, arch, even toes.

What Causes Tarsal Tunnel?

There are a number of causes that someone would develop tarsal tunnel syndrome, but the main cause is compression on a nerve. The reasons why someone might have a compression include

• being flat-footed
• having some type of systemic disease such as arthritis or diabetes, which cause swelling, therefore putting increased pressure on the foot
• injury, such as a sprained or broken ankle
• varicose veins
• and ganglion cyst.

Why choose Manhattan Foot Care?

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is easily treatable, so talking to a podiatrist at Manhattan Footcare as soon as these symptoms arise will speed up the healing process. Same day appointments, physical therapy, laser therapy, and much more is available, to get people back to doing the things they love. Schedule an appointment with Manhattan Footcare today.

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