Winter Foot Care

Protecting and covering both the head and the feet well during the winter months is important to keep body heat in. It is also necessary in order to keep the feet warm and dry. The blood will start to flow away from the feet and towards the heart in colder weather. How can winter foot care prevent serious problems?

During the winter, it is more likely that many people will have problems with aches and pains because cold weather has always been known to cause muscles and tendons to become tight and stiff. The only way to avoid this completely is by avoiding the outdoors. Most likely, this isn’t possible for the majority of people. However, many tend to stay in a lot more during the winter season. Talk about cabin fever.

Essential Winter Foot Care Tips

This season, make sure you practice the following winter foot care suggestions daily:

  • Wash and Dry Feet Thoroughly
  • Keep Feet Well Moisturized
  • Wear Thick Socks and Boots
  • Exercise Your Feet Before Going Out

If you don’t use an exfoliator for your feet during the winter months, the dry, cracked skin can easily tear. These tears can cause germs to flock to the area. Washing and scrubbing the feet well will also help prevent infections. Keeping the feet moisturized will prevent itching and scaling. If you normally have problems with your feet during the warmer months, then you must be even more watchful during the winter.

Don’t allow warmth to escape either by wearing thin socks and shoes. Wearing two pairs of socks is actually ideal along with investing in a new pair of boots. Make sure your boots have enough room to wear two pairs of socks comfortably.

One more winter foot care tip- exercising the feet can help prevent the joints from stiffening when walking around in the cold. Doing some quick calf exercises along with moving both feet in a circular rotation will get some blood flowing to the area. Even doing leg lifts can help tremendously. No one should go unchecked this winter season. Especially those who are diabetic, have arthritis, and previously had serious foot conditions.

If you are suffering from any foot conditions, or need more information, contact Manhattan Footcare to schedule an appointment with an experienced podiatrist today.

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