Burning Feet (Neuroma) Symptoms and Treatment

You’re just minding your own business, going about your day, when it happens. You suddenly feel like you’ve gotten a pebble stuck in your shoe, but there’s nothing there. In the following days, it gets worse. The ball of your foot starts burning and the pain sometimes radiates to your toes. Though many conditions can cause burning feet, you may have Nueroma, also called Morton’s Neuroma. Luckily, there are various burning feet treatments in New York.

Burning Feet Symptoms

Neuroma has a fairly short list of symptoms. The main ones are feeling like you’ve stepped on a pebble and stinging or burning pain located in the ball of your foot with no lump or other indication of injury. The pain comes from an abnormal thickening of a nerve in your foot. Doctors are not yet sure what causes it, though they speculate it may be related to tight-fitting shoes and / or irritation.

Burning Feet Treatment Options

For mild cases, simple changes in lifestyle and a few home remedies may provide relief. Loose, supportive shoes with good arch supports, or cushioning inserts, can provide relief. You may also try massaging the area with ice and doing stretches.

If these do not relieve the pain, and the pain causes significant decrease in your quality of life, you may need to try more aggressive measures. Get burning feet treatments in New York, including injections that can help provide padding, as can Cryogenic neuroablation, a non-invasive procedure that works by freezing the nerve. Surgical interventions include decompression via cutting surrounding tissues and surgical removal of the nerve.

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The burning feet that come from Neuroma can be mildly irritating to debilitating, but they don’t have to be. There are burning feet treatment options available to get rid of the pain and allow you to get on with your life. Contact the experienced podiatrists at Manhattan Footcare today by calling us at 212-629-5090 or filling out a contact form to schedule your appointment.