Sculptra Derma Fillers for Treatment of Foot Conditions

Sculptra is filler typically used for the treatment of wrinkles and facial lines. Sculptra derma fillers are composed of a substance, called poly-L-lactic acid, that has been used in surgical procedures for several decades because of its ability to dissolve – some of its most popular uses over the years have been as dissolvable stitches and tissue implants. Sculptura is a safe, synthetic substance that is harmless to surrounding tissues, making it suitable for a wide variety of cosmetic uses. One of the most recent adaptations for Sculptra derma fillers has been for the treatment of certain disorders of the foot.

Sculptra Derma Fillers for Foot Pain Treatment

As you age it’s normal for the natural padding surrounding the balls of the feet to gradually diminish, especially for those who wear shoes that put stress on this area of the foot, such as high heels. As the padding thins, the ball of the foot can become smaller and shift, leading to pain and restricted movement. Recently, surgeons have found that by injecting Sculptra derma fillers, the same medical-grade product used to obliterate facial lines, they could restore padding and build collagen around the balls of the feet.

Benefits of Sculptra Derma Filler for Feet

Sculptra injections, which are fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration, produce a pillowy cushion around the ball of the foot, which, for many women, is a sensation they have been out of touch with for decades. Sculptra treatments to the feet reduce pain and can improve mobility. The effects of using poly-L-lactic acid to restore full use of your feet are known to last about a year.

Effects of Sculptra Derma Fillers

After getting a Sculptra derma filler foot treatment, results are immediate. Those who tend to benefit the most from the therapy are those who are on their feet for the majority of their day, such as teachers, hairdressers, waiters, those who work in retail — and women who favor high-heel shoes. Athletes, like runners and dancers, have reported reduced pain and improved footwork after receiving Sculptra foot injections.

If you are seeking a long term foot pain treatment option, then consider getting Sculptra Derma Fillers as a permanent way to treat your foot conditions. For more information, contact the experienced New York City podiatrists at Manhattan Footcare. Call 212-690-5090 and schedule your appointment today.