Get Your Feet Ready for Spring: Visit a NYC Podiatrist

Is the warmer weather causing your feet to itch their way out of those wool socks and into some flip-flops? Is embarrassment about unsightly corns, calluses, or ingrown toenails keeping you from slipping into those springtime sandals? A quick visit to your NYC podiatrist today will have your feet prepped and ready for no-sock shoes tomorrow!

Common Spring and Summertime Foot Fixes

Ingrown Toenails – Ingrown toenails occur when the edge of the nail grows into toe’s shin. This is caused by the impact of the toe against the shoe and is usually prevalent in runners and athletes. If over the counter medications proves ineffective in treatment, it is vital to seek a NYC podiatrist before infection sets in.

Plantar Warts – These unsightly blemishes are a virus caught by walking in warm and wet environments. Plantar Warts resemble cauliflower and grow on the underside of the foot. For fast treatment of this springtime pest, visit your local NYC podiatrist. Plantar Warts can be quickly removed through a painless surgical freezing process.

Calluses and Corns – Calluses and corns are a natural, but often unattractive, accumulation of dead skin cells. This buildup is often caused by the friction between loose shoes and toes. Before you bare it all, you may want to see a qualified podiatrist for scraping treatments.

Athlete’s Foot – Athlete’s foot is one of the most common foot problems plaguing people today. This is a contagious fungal infection that not only is incredibly painful, but also turns the foot into a cracking, peeling, and smelling mess of a rash. Athlete’s foot is especially prevalent at the end of winter as it is caused when wet feet are trapped within closed-in socks and shoes.

If left untreated, this infection may lead to a secondary and more serious bacterial infection. If you suspect you might have athlete’s foot, contact your NYC podiatrist to seek quick and necessary treatment. Often, your doctor will prescribe a simple oral antifungal drug in addition to topical treatment to return your toes to their normal tone.

Contact the NYC Podiatrist at Manhattan Footcare

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