Types of Heel Spurs Treatment in Manhattan

Heel spurs are a hook-like calcite formation at the heel of the foot, normally characterized by a half inch protrusion. This calcite deposits can cause you pain when walking or standing due to the unusual pressure on the heel, tendons and muscular tissue. It is normally caused by strains on the foot ligaments and muscles that would have occurred over a period of several months, inducing the calcium deposits at the base of the heel.

The formations differ in the location, often they protrude forward along the foot, or at the exact base of the heel as a lump. There really isn’t any other way of knowing the condition exist unless an x-ray is done following symptomatic pain.

Common Types of Heel Spurs Treatment

There are a few common types of heel spurs treatment in Manhattan, where a podiatrist first examines the foot and determines the existence of the condition through x-ray imaging.

  1. The first kind of treatment is the easiest concerning complexity and accessibility, where the foot is subjected to physical therapy, either by a podiatrist or by using self-initiated exercises that are aimed in stretching and increasing heel agility. Other treatment methods may follow up, but this is usually quite effective in dissolving the calcite deposits.
  2. Anti-Inflammatory treatment may follow therapy or be administered on its own; the medication can be administered orally or injected into the affected area.
  3. A foot strap helps release the pain and releases pressure from the affected area.
  4. Tapping the foot also helps dissolve the calcium deposit.
  5. Customized orthotics is one of the types of heel spurs treatment in Manhattan that is both effective and therapeutic.
  6. Surgery is one of the options should other treatment methods fail where the growth is removed from the heel.

Signs of Heel Spurs

When you begin feeling pain in your heel after you get up, or after waking up, you may want to get it checked. The pain does not persist continuously, in most cases, it diminishes as you walk more, but should you happen to take a rest for a significant time where you do not laden the affected foot, you will experience discomfort or pain. One of the common types of heel spurs treatment in Manhattan will work for you following a Podiatrist recommendation.

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