Benefits of Foot Laser Treatments

Do you suffer from pain associated with bunions or plantar fasciitis? Do you have toe nail fungus, an unsightly wart or spider veins on your feet, preventing you from wearing sandals? Regardless of whether you have a medical or cosmetic foot concern, an NYC podiatrist can offer treatment with the latest in innovative lasers.

Foot Laser Treatment

Foot laser treatments utilize a concentrated beam of light and are a great alternative treatment to medication and surgery. There is no downtime with this type of procedure, no scarring and no known side effects to date. These cost efficient treatments are fast acting and have proved to be very effective.

MLS Laser Therapy

The MLS Laser Therapy, approved by the FDA, uses a technologically advanced laser to treat pain and inflammation. This treatment aids in speeding the recovery time from injuries, increases mobility and improves blood circulation. This treatment takes less than ten minutes and generally results are very noticeable with only a few treatments.

Fotona Laser

Fotona Lasers have been around since 1964, are FDA approved and is one of the most highly reputable lasers on the market. This high performance laser is used to treat an array of cosmetic foot issues, including toenail fungus, spiders veins, warts and unwanted hair, among several other conditions. Fotona podiatry laser therapy treats the specified condition in under five minutes, is painless and provides results that are long lasting.

Seek Foot Laser Treatment Today

You do not have to live with the discomfort of foot pain or the embarrassment of cosmetic flaws. Make an appointment with an NYC podiatrist at Manhattan Footcare today for a laser treatment consultation and be on your way to healthier and prettier feet. Call us at 212-629-5090 or fill out a contact form.