How to Wear Heels without Foot Pain

High heels have many redeeming factors like completing an outfit and increased height, but they also come with some costs, namely sore feet. And in a place like Manhattan, even a little foot pain can be debilitating. But these tips from a podiatrist in New York will take a load off your feet.

Buy Well-Fitting Shoes

Buying quality shoes is a rule that’s often ignored. Make sure to invest in a quality pair of heels that will last you a long time. Snug, not tight, heels will reduce the risk of bunions and tendonitis.  Make sure they fit properly however high the heel is.


Just like car tires, your feet need shock absorption. One way to reduce the amount of foot pain from heels is to line them with cushion inserts. A full-shoe inserts work well but if the pain is localized in the front, where high heels concentrate the most pressure, then consider using metatarsal pads.

Thicker heels

According to a podiatrist in New York, pain can be caused by heels concentrating pressure in certain areas. More even distribution can help alleviate some of that ball and arch pain. Wearing thicker heels will take the pressure off of those problem areas.

Pay Attention to the Slope

The steeper the slope, the more pressure will be localized on your heels and toes. A gradual slope will allow the pressure to be more evenly spread in the arch and reduce the likelihood of tendonitis.

Take a Break

NYC can take a lot out of you, especially if you’re wearing heels. Make sure to take a rest every now and then in order to reduce the chances of foot pain. The longer you’re on your feet, the more wear and tear you’re putting on them. Rest will heal basic foot pain but for serious cases of foot pain, make sure to visit a podiatrist in New York.

Contact the Best Podiatrist in New York

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