NYC Arthritis Foot Treatment

It is an unfortunate fact that age brings with it a number of health problems, including ailments that affect your feet. If you suffer from foot pain, you are not alone, especially if you live in NYC. The mobility of many older people is limited by pain in their feet that prevents them from walking even short distances. Arthritis is one of the ailments known to affect the mobility of seniors. The term “arthritis” is a general one that refers to multiple conditions that affect the joints in your body. Arthritis has the potential to destroy the joints in your feet and greatly reduce your ability to walk. Before consulting a NYC arthritis foot treatment specialist, it might help to familiarize yourself with this condition.

About Osteoarthritis

The type of arthritis that most commonly affects the feet and ankles is called osteoarthritis. This type of arthritis occurs when the cartilage on the ends of bones in the feet become worn, which results in joint pain and inflammation. Osteoarthritis is also sometimes referred to as “wear and tear arthritis.” Injuries like broken bones and torn ligaments can cause osteoarthritis to develop later on. There are other types of arthritis as well, such as psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Areas Affected by Osteoarthritis of the Foot

According to a NYC arthritis foot treatment specialist, your foot has 30 different joints and therefore many areas that could be affected by osteoarthritis; the areas of the foot that are most commonly affected by osteoarthritis are:

• The joint between the ankle and the tibia.
• The joint between the big toe and the rest of the foot
• The heel
• The inner foot
• The outer foot

How Osteoarthritis is Diagnosed

The doctor will look at your medical history then do a physical exam. After that, it may be necessary for the doctor to see how you walk; a test known as a “gait analysis” may be performed. This test allows the doctor to assess your stride and ankle-strength. In some cases, a doctor may want an x-ray performed in order to see any changes in bone spacing or shape. CT scans or MRI tests may also be used for this purpose.

If you are presently living in New York and dealing with foot pain, care from a NYC arthritis foot treatment specialist could solve your problems. Pain or discomfort in your feet is often a sign of very serious problems, especially as you grow older.

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