Foot Arch Pain Treatment in NYC

New Yorkers walk a lot in this city, for many it’s the primary mode of transportation. Urban walking is different than walking through a park or down a suburban street; there is a lot more stepping up and down curbs, stairs, in and out of buses and taxis. You may step on a rock, edge of a curb, somebody’s foot, or you may in turn get stepped on! With all the abuse your feet absorb on a daily basis, there are various kinds of arch injuries that can occur from overuse or accidents.

Luckily for every pedestrian, there is good foot arch pain treatment in NYC. Some of which you can do yourself.

What Can You Do to Prevent Foot Arch Pain?

• Wear shoes that fit. Shoe sizing is not standard; a size that fits you in one style may not fit you at all in another style. Try on the shoes you want to buy, then buy those shoes, not shoes that look like them but you didn’t try on.

• When buying shoes, put them both on and walk around the store. Don’t take a couple of steps to the left and right and decide they are good. Keep them on your feet for a while and see how they feel after 10 minutes.

• Discover what type of arch you have and make sure you support it. You can ask a podiatrist to examine your foot and tell you what kind of arch you have. When buying shoes consider orthotic arch supports if you have a flat foot. If over the counter orthotics don’t work, seek out foot arch pain treatment in NYC about ordering some custom made orthotics.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms and can’t correct it yourself, you seek out foot arch pain treatment in NYC immediately. Your feet are the way you get around during your day. Literally from the moment you get up in the morning to the time you go to bed your feet are moving you around. Seek help from a trained and qualified podiatrist. The doctor will thoroughly examine your feet and then prescribe different types of remedy to help cure your pain.

If you’re experiencing debilitating foot arch pain, then call the professional podiatrists at Manhattan Footcare at 212-629-5090 or fill out a contact form.