Tips From a Podiatrist in New York

An average pair of feet walk 7,000 steps a day. With all the walking we do in New York City it is no wonder that many people suffer from some kind of foot pain and many have to visit a podiatrist in New York. Whether the pain starts in your heel or causes your whole foot to ache, foot pain is not fun.

Here are some of the more common foot problems you may face.

Plantar Fasciitis

Your planter fascia is thick tissue that covers the bottom of your foot. When this tissue becomes overused pain can occur and walking can become very difficult. Some of the most common symptoms of plantar fasciitis are a pain in the heel or aching and burning soles of your feet.


Tendonitis is caused by the posterior tibial tendon being overused or injured. The main symptoms of this foot ailment are pain in the tendon, foot swelling and pain along with stiffness in your foot and ankle.


A bony bump on the joint that it as the base of your big toe that is usually caused by your big toe pushing against your other toes. This action causes your big toe joint to go in the opposite direction causing the bunion. A bunion can cause pain that can make it hard to walk even the shortest of distances.

Flat Feet

Flat feet is caused by your foot arch collapsing when this happens extra stress is added to the rest of your feet. Flat feet can cause pain not only in your feet but also in your calves. This pain can cause a person to walk awkwardly and increase the strain on other parts of the body. Flat feet that are left untreated may result in a larger problem visiting a podiatrist in New York can help relieve pain and prevent further damage.

Corns and Calluses

These seemingly small pieces of hard dead skin on your feet can cause pain around your toes and at the bottom of your feet. This build up of hard dead skin is usually yellow in color and can cause great pain when exposed to friction.

Other Tips

When it comes to foot pain solutions are not always a one size fits all matter however there are some things you may want to try to help alleviate your foot pain.

• If you are having trouble with tendonitis or plantar fasciitis make sure you wear shoes that support your feet, these shoes should only be able to bend at the toe not in the middle of the sole.
• Stretch you calf muscles to promote flexibility and reduce the chance of further foot issues. The calf muscles play an important role in your foot health. Use a wall or a flexible piece of material to help stretch your calf muscle out.
• If flat feet are a problem you may want to wear an orthotic. Orthotics can help decrease your feet from pronating reducing pain and the chance of flat feet causing more issues. You can buy premade orthotics at the store, if they do not seem to work you may want to visit a podiatrist in New York to have custom orthotics made.
• Use night splints while you are sleeping to help stretch the foot out. These splints will help your muscles stretch out and reduce pain you are feeling during the day.
• If you are suffering from bunions, corns or calluses you may want to consider buying pads for your feet. These little pads can be used on the toe and heel areas to help reduce impact and friction.

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