Best Online Foot Comfort Products for the Holidays

If you have any friends or family that suffer from foot related issues, then you should consider purchasing online foot comfort products as gifts for the holidays as a way to show them that you care. The following are some of the online foot comfort products provided by Manhattan Footcare that we highly recommend:

Compression Stockings

If you have any family or friends that do a lot of traveling or standing as part of their job, then compression stockings are a fantastic gift for them. Long traveling times and standing around for hours at a time can lead to all sorts of issues in the lower extremities, from spider veins and varicose veins to foot and ankle swelling. Compression stockings will help to improve the circulation of their blood in these areas in order to prevent these uncomfortable issues.

ProLite Ankle Brace

Anyone that has recently had a cast removed from their foot, or that has suffered a sprain or strain, will benefit from our online foot comfort product ankle brace. An ankle brace consists of two plastic shells that are lined with air bladders and tri-layer foam that will help to provide lateral support, thereby stabilizing the ankle joint. Walking in an ankle brace will also provide a massaging effect.

ProLite Ankle Support

Anyone that has weak ankles or injuries involving their ankles will benefit from an ankle support. Ankle supports help to provide compression and stabilization as well as therapeutic warmth. Ankle supports are great to wear during the nighttime.

Cryoderm Pain Relieving Spray

If you know anyone that suffers from muscle pain, sprains or strains, then our online foot comfort product, Cryoderm pain relief spray, is the perfect gift for them. This spray also helps to relieve arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis and more.

Relief Podiatry Comfort Shoe

Anyone that suffers from heel bruises, plantar fasciitis or any other plantar injuries will want to try a pair of these relief podiatry comfort shoes. These shoes are made using shock absorbing soles in order to relieve pressure on the feet, knees, hips and even the lower back. They also fit any type of foot due to the comfortable and roomy fit and will keep feet dry with the side air portals.

Gel Terry Booties

Do you know anyone that suffers from excessively dry feet? If you do, our online foot comfort product, Gel Terry Booties, will help treat them. Not only will they help to get rid of cracked and calloused skin, but they boast a non-skid surface so that anyone that wears them will have no problems moving around comfortably and safely, no matter what surface they are walking on.

Gordon’s Bromi-Talc Plus

You may know someone that is affected by excessive sweating or perspiration odor of their feet. This foot powder will absorb almost 18 times its own weight in moisture to help prevent excessive sweating.

These are just a few of the high quality online foot comfort products offered by Manhattan Footcare that you should consider purchasing as holiday gifts for friends and family. Call today at 212-629-5090 with any questions and happy shopping!