Foot Fitness – Working Out and Your Footcare

Now more than ever, people are becoming conscious of their health and levels of physical fitness. If it’s been a while since your last lap around the track, it’s easy to take on too much at once. Foot and ankle injuries can be easily prevented by taking a few precautions and visiting your podiatrist in NYC if problems arise.

Wear Proper Shoes

A good sport shoe will be flexible enough to accommodate the bend of your toe while maintaining good support. Not everyone runs or walks the same way, so visiting a running store can make a huge difference. Your podiatrist in NYC can also evaluate your feet and prescribe particular shoes or orthotics for your walking style.

Build Muscle

When you begin a fitness regimen, you know you’ll be building muscle all over your body, but you may not realize that you’ll also be building muscle in your feet and ankles. In fact, these muscles are vital because they support the weight of your body during activity of any kind. Building these muscles can improve foot fitness and prevent sprains.

A great exercise for all ages is to sit down with your feet out in front of you and draw the ABCs with the tips of your toes. This exercise strengthens the muscles in your feet and ankles, and calves. Your podiatrist in NYC can recommend specific exercises for your needs as well.

Don’t Forget to Stretch

Before going out on a walk or run, stretching is vital. If you don’t stretch before prolonged physical activity, you run the risk of pulling a muscle. Make sure to stretch all your muscle groups — including in your feet and ankles — for about ten minutes prior to exercising. Flex and point your toes, and roll your ankles both ways to get those supporting muscle groups warmed up.

Take Care of Your Feet

Another hazard to foot fitness are black toenails, also called Runner’s Toe. These can be prevented by keeping toenails closely clipped. Also, look for calluses. They form when there’s too much pressure on one spot, so they can tell you if your shoes aren’t fitting well. Soaking your feet can help soften calluses, and can also benefit strained muscles. Prevent strains and sprains by walking on even surfaces.

Don’t Ignore Pain

Foot problems are often overlooked after exercising, however, any prolonged pain in your feet, toes, or ankles needs immediate attention by a podiatrist. Take the time to look at your feet every day to check for visual changes. Note any swelling, red spots, discolored toenails, calluses, sores, or irritation, and tell your podiatrist about it. This is especially important for diabetics who may have diminished nerve sensitivity. Your podiatrist will analyze the changes you’ve noticed and make suggestions accordingly.

Beginning an exercise regimen is great for your health. When you start, you’ll need to have proper shoes, stretch and check your feet regularly. Contact your podiatrist in NYC immediately if you have any concerns about your foot health.