How High Arches Can Impact Your Life

Imagine living in or visiting a place like New York City. Your feet will take plenty of pounding if you are walking a lot, which is by far the best way to catch sight of the city. It’s not called the “concrete jungle” for nothing! Thankfully, you are sure to find foot arch pain treatment in NYC to assist you with any foot arch problems you might incur.

Foot arches are the key structures that take-in and reciprocate force to and from the body to the external world when we are up and about. Because these structures take a lot of force, when something happens, pain and injury could result. If this occurs, the most suitable action is to look for a podiatrist to make sure you receive the proper foot arch pain treatment in NYC.

Impact of High Arches

High arches can be the result of genetics or linked to neuromuscular diseases. The bones are pushed-up in the foot and kept in a rigid spot in the arch. This may cause extra pressure on the ball of the foot and heel, leading to joint aches, pain in the ball of the foot, risk of developing plantar-fasciitis, and joint aches.

Metatarsalgia, or pain in the ball of the foot, is not unusual amongst people who partake in high impact sports or joggers who put additional stress on the ball of their feet. However, other things such as aging and surplus body weight can cause this condition as well. If you experience arch pain, your podiatrist will be able to pinpoint the cause of your discomfort.

What is taking place in the Body?

A person with high arches has the weight of their body centered on the ball and heel of their foot. A lithe high-arched foot frequently results in plantar-fasciitis, an inflammation of fibrous tissue beneath the skin of the sole. If a high arch is not treated, the joints of the foot can be damaged. Every so often, the foot can become deformed or twisted.

How is the condition diagnosed?

The condition associated with high arches is diagnosed by observing the shape of the foot. An x-ray during your foot arch pain treatment in NYC might be performed to assist with the diagnosis.

What are the long-term effects of High Arches?

The most well-known long-term effect is pain from excessive stress on the small area of the foot. If the cause is from a nerve disorder, surgery may be required to heal the foot.

Treatments for High Arches

If uncomfortable shoes are the culprit of your arch pain, then treatment will much simpler. Your shoes should:

• Fit correctly
• Have sufficient shock absorption
• Have laces that offer room for the foot
• Have low or no heel

Specialty shoe stores provide prudent attention to shoe fit. Inlays and pads within the shoes can holdup the arch and release pressure from the sore area. Custom support apparatuses called “foot orthotics” can be prescribed when having your foot arch pain treatment in NYC. They frequently work because they are molded exactly to the person’s arch and offer additional support to relieve stress on the foot.

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