Common Foot Problems for Kids in NYC

Many diligent parents in NYC are uninformed that children’s foot care should be a healthcare concern. That is why finding a children’s foot doctor in New York City is essential to their health. Timely management of podiatric issues that your child may have been born with, or that have developed during childhood, can minimize chronic foot conditions in adulthood.

Common issues for children

Toe walking

Walking on the toes and not placing the body weight on the heels and other parts of the feet.

Flat feet

Collapsed arch in the foot causing the majority of the surface area of the bottom of the foot to press against the ground during walking.


Walking with the feet turning inward instead of with toes pointing straight forward. This is sometimes referred to as “pigeon toes” and can be corrected by a children’s foot doctor in New York City.

Bow legs

Legs positioned widely separated during standing, with ankles and feet remaining close together.

Knock knee

Knees positioning inward and touching while legs are otherwise standing straight.

Issues such as those above can cause pain in the feet as well as in the legs or back or other areas. Ongoing foot problems can impact a child’s posture. Such difficulties can result in distorted bone development. These can also cause or contribute to significant social development issues for children, including shyness and social withdrawal. Consult a children’s foot doctor in New York to address these concerns.

Concerns about infant development

During the earliest stage of growth, your baby’s feet develop at a very rapid rate – to actually become nearly half of their adult foot size. Your children’s foot doctor in Manhattan will help you to become educated on what to expect during this critical period of foot development. Your infant’s bones, muscles, ligaments, nerves, and blood vessels are especially vulnerable to developing malformations.

Maintaining your child’s podiatric healthcare

Children’s feet are naturally vulnerable to adverse health developments due to common issues. While a parent cannot do everything that prevents every unpredictable minor childhood injury or adverse impact to foot health, the place to start is with a thorough podiatric assessment of your child. The first step to take toward establishing a routine program of podiatric foot healthcare for your baby or child, see a kid’s foot doctor in New York City.

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