Taking Care of Your Shoes

A NYC footcare specialist will utilize the most advanced technology in order to help you with any foot discomfort. Through individualized solutions, your comfort level and body alignment will be improved by achieving better health for your feet.

Purchasing the Right Shoes for your Feet

Purchasing quality shoes to support your feet and ankles is important. Pay particular attention to the padding for the bottom of your feet and the vital support in the arch area.

Purchase the right size shoe. Keep in mind that as you get older, your feet flatten increasing both length and width. Try shoes on toward the end of the day. Feet usually swell through the day or following physical activity, if you try your shoes in the morning, you may be buy them too tight.

If you are buying athletic shoes wear the identical socks you will wear while indulging in your sport or exercise activity. NYC footcare professionals suggest one pair of high-quality socks. Two pair of socks can create rubbing causing blisters and hot fatigued feet.

Your toes should not meet the end of your shoe. You should have ¼ to ½ inch of room between the end of your toe and your shoe. If your toes ache or your toenail turns blue, your shoes may be too taught.

Shoe Care

The above tips are about foot care, but taking care of your feet includes proper shoe care too, as your NYC footcare professional will tell you. For example, rundown heels on shoes can impact your foot alignment and balance.

Utilize a mildly damp cloth to clean your shoes that become dirty or covered with mud. Allow them to dry completely. If you are cleaning leather shoes, use a top-quality conditioner to keep them soft and prevent cracking.

When your shoes become wet due to rain or early morning dew, stuff newspaper inside your shoes as tight as possible. Put them away from any heat source and let them dry naturally. The newspaper stuffing will stop the shoe material from shrinking.

Putting Tips into Practice

By taking care of your feet and shoes, you will be pleased and surprised at the level of extra energy you will incur whether you are standing, walking, or running.
If you feel you have done everything you can and your feet still feel uncomfortable after doing the things you normally do, then it’s time to make an appointment with a NYC footcare specialist if you live in the Manhattan area. The benefits are well worth the time when it comes to keeping your feet in good shape.

Need Help with Your Shoes?

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