Treatment for Foot Warts

If you have the feeling of walking on a rock, you may have a foot wart. Foot warts, also known as plantar warts, can be found on the bottom of your feet and toes. They look like calluses and can either be in the form of a single wart or in a cluster. Luckily, modern podiatry has developed effective treatment for foot warts.

Foot Wart Effects

If left to grow and spread, the wart will thicken and the tissue will become hard. This can make walking or putting pressure on the foot painful and any kind of movement will become difficult. When living in New York City, having issues with your feet can be almost debilitating. Therefore, seeing a podiatrist in NYC at the first sign of foot warts can resolve the problem before it grows into something bigger.

Foot Wart Causes

Plantar warts are caused by the virus known as HPV (human papillomavirus). This virus infects the outer layer of the skin on your feet and causes the warts. The risk of transfer from one person to another when it comes to foot warts is small, however it is still there. You can prevent warts by using measures such as wearing water shoes in public showers and not going barefoot outside, especially if you have cuts or cracks in your skin.

If left alone, a foot wart may take up to 3 years to disappear. There are many home remedies for plantar warts, from tea tree oil to duct tape. Most foot warts are very deep seated into the skin, so these treatments can take some time before you see any improvement. However, visiting a podiatrist in NYC is a safe and effective way to clear up those warts.

What to Do if You Have a Foot/Plantar Wart

It’s best to treat the plantar wart at the first sign. This will prevent the wart from hardening and causing too much pain when pressure is placed on the foot. Regular checkups with a podiatrist can also help when it comes to preventing foot issues. Manhattan Footcare offers effective and safe foot wart treatments.

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