The Worst Shoes For Your Feet

Life in a big city like NYC demands being stylishly dressed from head-to-toe. This is especially true for those who never know who they may meet on their morning commute to the office. Yet, too often, the shoes that look the best may be doing the most damage. From painful arches to bunions and blisters, you may find out too late that the shoes you love look better than they feel. Here are the worst shoes for your feet along with the damage they can cause along with a few preventative tips to keep your main source of transportation in top condition.


High heels may be a popular choice for professional women in NYC, due to their ability to add height and accentuate your legs. However, a foot doctor in NYC would recommend staying away from any shoe that places additional stress on the balls of your feet. Stilettos are the worst type of high heel to choose due to their lack of balance. Sprained ankles, pinched nerves and stress fractures are a few of the most common injuries associated with these shoes.

Platform Wedges

This type of shoe is often worn as an alternative to high heels since it offers height with a little more balance. Unfortunately, this is still one of the worst shoes for your feet because it still hyper-extends the foot and places too much pressure on the front. Over time, you can expect to see the same types of damage as you would when wearing stilettos.


These breezy sandals may be one of the hottest summer trends, yet allowing your feet to breathe easy may also come at a high cost to your health. Most flip-flops offer no support to the foot and cause your toes to grip the base to keep them on. Tendonitis, strains, and external injuries are common problems encountered by those who choose to wear flip-flops.

Rain boots

A foot doctor in NYC will often encounter various problems created by the need to wear rain boots during soggy city walks. While rubber boots may provide protection from the elements, they are also the perfect environment for mold and fungus to grow. Nail fungus, warts and bacterial infections are a few issues that can be caused by wearing rain boots without providing enough time for your boots and feet to dry.


Although it may be surprising to find that sneakers made the list of the worst shoes for your feet, it is important to know that wearing the wrong type of shoe can cause more damage than good. For example, thick-soled sneakers may be good for walking; however, they can make it difficult to feel the ground when performing other activities such as dancing or cycling. This can increase the risk of fall-related injuries such as sprains and fractures.

Need Advice For Better Shoes? Manhattan Footcare Can Help

Finding the right type of shoe for your feet and lifestyle may take some fine-tuning, yet it will pay off when your feet stay in perfect condition. When in doubt, consult with a foot doctor in NYC who New Yorkers trust to treat any current ailments. Manhattan Footcare is one of the leading podiatrists in NYC, staffed with doctors who have years of experience. To schedule an appointment, call 212-629-5090 or fill out a contact form.

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