Foot Care For Marathon Runners in NYC

If you’re a marathon runner, training for the famous New York City Marathon or for a marathon that takes someplace elsewhere, you need to constantly pay attention to the health of your feet. Foot care for marathon runners is as essential part of training for the big day. Part of that might involve finding the right foot doctor in NYC who can help you stay on the right path during your training, especially since it is so easy to become immersed in your training that you miss your body’s cues that something isn’t quite right with your health, especially regarding your feet.

Things To Consider

One of the most important things that NYC road runners can do to keep their feet healthy is to visit a local running store for a gait analysis and a shoe fitting. Your local running store staff cares about the foot care for marathon runners who shop at their store, at least in part because the people who work at those stores are frequently fellow runners who want to help you enjoy healthy running. Your local running store might also recommend a foot doctor in NYC if you anticipate experiencing any problems during your training cycle.

Problems That May Arise

There are many minor issues that arise during training that may require you to find and visit a foot doctor in NYC. However, it is good to see if these are problems that you can handle on your own first before taking time out your schedule for a doctor’s visit. After a long run, even if you have properly hydrated throughout your run, you will most likely need to spend more time rehydrating to make sure you replenish your body from head to precious toe. This step is essential in foot care for marathon runners in NYC to keep everything running smoothly.

Blisters are an unfortunate possibility when you up your mileage and the intensity of your training, especially if you aren’t careful to buy your running shoes in the right size or even a size that is about one-half size larger than your usual size. With longer runs, you stand a greater chance of experiencing swelling, and the tighter your shoes are, the more likely you are to experience blisters and even black toenails that might eventually fall off. In the case of blisters, foot care for marathon runners suggests that you take a sterile pin and gently burst the blister then apply antibiotic cream and either a bandage or moleskin. Only in rare cases would you visit a foot doctor in NYC for this type of a situation.

An essential part of foot care for marathon runners includes soaking your feet in Epsom salts to relieve swelling and relax your feet after each long run or any run causes swelling or discomfort.

Need A Foot Doctor in NYC? Contact Manhattan Footcare Today

If you have problems that are more structural, such as plantar fasciitis or if you suspect any type of bone problems, you should find a foot doctor in NYC, such as one of the medical professionals at Manhattan Footcare. Call us today at 212-629-5090.

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