Choosing Itchy Feet Treatment

When the bottoms of your feet are itchy, it can result from a number of possible causes. While walking with sweaty shoes or going barefoot can make the feet more susceptible to foot disorders. Therefore, it is always best to see an NYC podiatrist before choosing treatment. The podiatrist will be in the best position to determine what the underlying cause of the itching is and make the appropriate recommendation for relief.

Most Common Causes of Itchy Feet

Two of the most common causes of itchy feet are dry skin and athlete’s foot. They both have similar symptoms ranging from cracked skin, red patchy flakes, and peeling of the skin, but the treatments are completely different. Being able to determine which is the cause will go a long way in choosing the right itchy feet treatment.

Athlete’s Foot Treatment

When it comes to athlete’s foot, the foot is exposed to excessive sweating that accumulates in socks, hosiery, and shoes. The fungus thrives in that dark and moist condition. If the itching is accompanied by blisters, you most likely have athlete’s foot. Keeping your feet dry is the best way to prevent the fungus from spreading. Treatments range from anti-fungal cream or powder, washing with anti-bacterial soap, and keeping the feet as dry as possible throughout the day.

Dry Skin Relief

Itchy feet treatment often includes treating dry skin before it bleeds. Bleeding can lead to a dangerous foot infection, especially dangerous if you have a low immune system. To relieve those flaky red patches on your feet, purchase therapeutic creams to moisturize the skin. A podiatrist can recommend the best products to relieve the itching and pain. If you have a pumice stone, gently file away all the hard skin on the surface of the heel. This will allow any products to better penetrate into the skin.

If your itchy feet still persist, check your shoes for any tight areas that rub against the feet. To eliminate any of those friction points, purchase corrective insoles to relieve the pain. Changing socks frequently and wearing comfortable shoes should help with the pain. When using itchy feet treatment products such as oils and lotions, be certain to avoid getting the solution between your toes. This can cause additional moisture to accumulate and only worsen the condition. If the itchy feet persist, contact a podiatrist for an appointment.

Have Itchy Feet? Manhattan Footcare Can Help!

If you’re experiencing discomfort because of itchy feet and seek itchy feet treatment right away, don’t hesitate to arrange for a consultation with an NYC podiatrist at Manhattan Footcare. Call today at (212) 629-5090.

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