What Causes Wide Feet

Wide feet are among the most common foot problems. Causes of this condition vary, but sufferers often experience discomfort and embarrassment over their unusually wide feet. Fortunately, solutions do exist, including lifestyle changes and clinical treatment. By understanding what causes wide feet and what can be done about it, you may gain mobility and a boost in your quality of life.

Wide Feet Causes

Many factors come into play when it comes to wide feet.

  • Nature, possibly the most common cause, entails simply being born with feet wider than those of most other people. It represents physical diversity, but sufferers may not find their foot shape represented enough by shoe manufacturers.
  • Tight shoes are another cause of wide feet. This may occur because the shoes place excessive pressure on the feet when wearers stand, walk, and run. Inflammation results, widening the foot.
  • Flat foot, which involves fallen arches, has also been linked to wide feet. Instead of the foot structure being arched, it is forced downward, broadening the footprint. In many cases, flat foot can be addressed at the same time as wide feet surgery. Finally, wide feet can result from swelling. Many conditions can cause foot swelling, or edema, including local and systemic problems. Heart failure and diabetes are two possible systemic reasons for swollen feet.

Not Necessarily a Cause for Concern

Not every case of wide feet is cause for concern. Particularly when a patient is born with wide feet, the need for correction depends on whether he or she experiences their wide feet as a problem. Difficulty with shoe shopping, unwillingness to display feet to others and similar issues can disrupt lifestyle, pointing to the need for correction.

Foot Narrowing Surgery for Wide Feet

Depending on wide feet causes, correction can usually be achieved in a variety of ways. When tight-fitting shoes are to blame, for example, patients may reduce their foot width by switching to looser shoes. Those who have wide feet due to diabetes or heart failure may get relief through treatment for those conditions. For flat feet, orthotics may help correct the lack of arch and the foot wideness that often comes with it. Some patients also can slim their feet by walking for a half-hour each day.

Wide Feet Surgery: Learn More about Your Options

Of all options for wide foot correction, surgery is the most reliable. Wide feet surgery often involves reshaping the bone in the foot to narrow the overall structure. For patients who have suffered from wide feet, this surgery can mean more shoe options, greater confidence and an easier time staying mobile. Contact Manhattan Footcare’s Manhattan and Brooklyn podiatrists today to discuss your options.

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