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New York City Foot Injury Treatment

The ankle is a complex joint that connects the foot to the rest of the leg. It is capable of the wide range of movement necessary, not just for locomotion, but for traversing uneven ground. The ankle takes the full weight of the body and – in running and jumping – the considerable forces that are exerted on it.

Because of the sheer amount of work the ankle does every day, foot and ankle emergencies are sometimes unavoidable. Broken bones, dislocations, sprains, contusions, infections, and other serious injuries can happen at any time – at home, work, exercising or playing sports. Early detection of foot injury symptoms and treatment is very important and could affect the overall outcome of the injury. In New York, foot injury treatment is available at Manhattan Footcare’s offices. We have x-ray on premises, which allows us to start the proper course of treatment during your first visit.

New York City Foot Injury Treatment: Anatomy of the Ankle Joint

There are 2 joints that allow movement of the ankle:

  • The true ankle joint (tibiotalar joint) – articulation is between the lower end of the tibia, the two malleoli and the body of the talus. This joint allows dorsiflexion and plantar flexion of the ankle.
  • The subtalar joint – articulation is between the talus and calcaneus. This joint allows inversion and eversion of the ankle.


Foot Injury Symptoms That Require the Attention of a Podiatrist

The examination of foot injury symptoms and the patient’s medical history help to decide whether there has been a significant likelihood of an ankle fracture or foot fracture. Ask the following questions.

  • How long ago was the injury?
  • Was there excessive inversion or eversion?
  • Was there any snap or popping sound?
  • Where exactly is the pain felt?
  • What happened afterwards?
  • Was the patient able to weight bear immediately?
  • Did they need help to walk?
  • If it was a sports injury, were they able to continue?
  • Is there a history of underlying weakness or instability in the ankle? Could an old fracture be evident on X-ray?

Get the Best New York City Foot Injury Treatment


If you need high quality ankle injury treatment, Manhattan, New York podiatrists are available for consultation at Manhattan Footcare. We are dedicated to providing professional foot care to all our patients. Our staff goes to great lengths to ensure that your treatment will be comfortable and effective. Our physicians will evaluate and diagnose your foot injury symptoms, and let you know what the options are for treatment. We are also equipped to handle surgical treatments in addition to our non-invasive procedures.

To schedule an appointment with a kids’ foot doctor in Manhattan, New York, please call us at 212-629-5090.

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