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Cosmetic Foot Surgery Manhattan, NYC

With an ever increasing interest in cosmetic surgery, inevitably attention becomes focused on all parts of the body and the foot is no exception. Cosmetic foot surgery in Manhattan NYC are gaining popularity amongst both sexes, and women’s love affair with shoes is as hot as ever, with over 30% of women wearing a 2-3 inch heel on a regular basis.

Patients often complain of bunions, unsightly lumps & bumps; overlong or bent toes and flatfoot deformities. These conditions may be unsightly or painful (or often both) and cause great embarrassment for the sufferer. These can usually be dealt with easily by surgery under general or local anesthetic on a day-case basis.

Cosmetic foot surgery can be done to:

  • Remove unsightly fat to make high heels look better
  • Add fat to the balls of the feet to make heels feet better
  • Alter the length of abnormally long or short toes
  • Make wide feet narrower
  • Correct hammer toes

With the health of thirty-three bones and many tendons at stake, cosmetic foot surgery cannot be done by just anyone. Complicated procedures have to be performed with utmost precision lest they do more harm than good.

While changing the shoe to fit the foot is always a good idea, podiatrists will generally discourage patients from changing the foot to fit the shoe.

Many surgical procedures, such as lengthening abnormally short toes, provide orthopedic as well as cosmetic benefits. This is because toes of normal length allow the foot to properly bear the entire body’s weight.

Some podiatrists view cosmetic foot surgeries as a gray area and would never hastily agree to perform them. In fact, a lot of them would perform a surgery only after a number of consultations. Some may even try to discourage patients from going through with them.

If you need cosmetic foot surgery Manhattan, NYC podiatrists from Manhattan Footcare can help you. We understand and respect your need to feel good about yourself. We will try our best to treat your foot problems whether you need cosmetic foot surgery or not. Furthermore, we will educate you in proper foot care so that you will be able to take care of your feet in such a way that will minimize or eliminate the need for future cosmetic foot surgery.

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