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Diabetic Foot Treatment Manhattan, New York

Diabetics are at a high risk of developing severe foot problems because of the following conditions brought about by diabetes:

  • Peripheral neuropathy or diminished sensitivity to pain
  • Poor circulation that adversely affects the body’s ability to heal damage
  • Increased susceptibility to infections
  • Stiffening of joints

Someone suffering from the above conditions require special diabetic foot care in order to properly treat problems such as foot ulcers, open sores, infections and Charcot joint.

Diabetic Foot Treatment Manhattan, New York: Ulcers

Foot ulcers are a common complication of the “diabetic foot”. These ulcers are caused by too much pressure on the skin of the foot which eventually leads to the skin “breaking down” and, in many cases, becoming infected. They can occur under corns and calluses. Proper diabetic foot care includes avoiding pressure to the affected area and quality wound dressings.

Diabetic Foot Treatment New York

Podiatrists have an extremely important role to play in the prevention and management of complications of the foot problems affecting diabetics. All those who are at risk of developing foot problems complicated by diabetes should have their risk status assessed at least once a year (more if the risk is greater). Podiatrists should advise diabetics on proper how to reduce the chances of damaging their feet, and on what to do once damage has been done.

Regular diabetic foot care from a podiatrist is the best way to prevent foot problems complicated by diabetes.

When something does go wrong, see a podiatrist immediately. Waiting a few days to “see what happens” before seeing someone may result in a minor, solvable problem snowballing into a critical medical condition. The sooner treatment is started the better.

Manhattan Footcare Providing Diabetic Foot Treatment in Manhattan, New York

We can help you avoid problems or complications with routine preventive diabetic foot care. If a problem has already occurred, we will initiate an aggressive course of treatment in order to reduce complications. We will then monitor your condition closely to prevent future recurrences.

We are diabetic foot care specialists and remain at the forefront of treating non-healing wounds and ulcerations.

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