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NYC Arthritis Foot Treatment


Arthritis can affect any of the movable joints in the feet. This can result in foot arthritis symptoms such as enlarged swollen joints or toes becoming crooked and causing problems when walking in shoes.

Foot Arthritis Symptoms

In rheumatoid arthritis, the toes and the forefoot joints are the areas usually affected. These joints can become displaced and deformed and often the muscles and tendons shorten causing the toes to become clawed or hammer shaped.

Pain associated with arthritic changes in the feet will vary with the type and duration of the condition. The pain may feel as sharp as the first stages of gout, with the affected joints inflamed and swollen. The pain may be present with morning stiffness and limited joint movement, which increases on weight-bearing in rheumatoid arthritis. Joint movements may be lost altogether due to bony deformity of the joints with osteoarthritis, resulting in limited movement and pain experienced with normal day to day activities.

Foot arthritis symptoms can affect other areas of the body, which results in poor posture and restricted movements. It is sometimes difficult for the feet to work correctly as weight-bearing structures that support and propel the body forwards, when some of the important joints such as the hips or shoulders are affected.

Relieving Foot Arthritis

The most important part of relieving some of the pain associated with foot arthritis symptoms is the footwear you use. Your shoes must be properly fitted and must provide support to your feet, especially on the stress points of affected joints.

The expert NYC arthritis foot doctors of Manhattan Footcare will work with you to create a custom-tailored arthritis foot treatment program to help reduce joint swelling and relieve pain and stiffness. Our experienced podiatrists will help guide you in determining which shoes to buy, and what characteristics you should look for in your footwear.

Following a proper treatment program will help you control your arthritic foot condition and prevents future problems.

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