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Tendonitis Treatment Manhattan NYC: What Causes Tendonitis of the Feet?

Though doctors have not yet determined the exact cause of most tendon problems, most of them think that repetitive stress on the tendon is the most likely culprit. The tendon can be injured by the repetitive pounding of running and jumping, or by the stress caused by lifting heavy loads all the time.

Tendonitis Treatment Manhattan, NYC

Though tendons can be found all over the body, tendonitis of the feet is the type that occurs most frequently. Tendonitis of the feet stems from overuse of the posterior tibial tendon. This tendon helps to support the arch of the feet, and prevents your feet from rolling. Common signs that a patient may have tendonitis of the feet is tingling, burning, and shooting pains in the foot. The patient’s instep may also appear inflamed. Treatment of the condition is dependant on the severity of the problem. Most cases are resolved with periods of rest, applying ice on the site, and compression. It is recommended that you stay off your feet as much as possible, and that you refrain from all sporting activities. Anti-inflammatory medicine may be prescribed.

If the tendon is too damaged, or if it isn’t allowed time to heal, the problem becomes chronic. Usually, the heavier the load or the more often the stress is repeated, the more likely you are to develop tendonitis. In extreme cases, surgery may be required to repair the damaged tendon.

Factors That Aggravate Tendonitis

Too much stress on the tendons can be made worse by other factors. Lack of flexibility or weakness in your muscles can make tendonitis of the feet more likely. Shoes that aren’t the right right fit, equipment with poor orthopedic features, or incorrect exercise technique can also increase your risk of tendon injury. Though upgrading your equipment will cost you money, the resulting health benefits are worth it. The design of athletic shoes has improved over the decades and seems to have caused the decreased tendonitis of the feet and other types foot injuries.

Aging seems to cause tendon damage in some cases. As we grow older, the tissues of the tendon tend to degenerate. Age-related tendon problems do not seem to cause inflammation. The tendon material itself is more affected in these conditions and some surgeon’s refer to this type of tendon problem as tendonitis.

Some researchers believe that a decreased blood supply to the tendons prevents them from receiving enough oxygen resulting in tendon degeneration. The collagen material that makes up the tendon actually becomes weaker and loses its nylon rope appearance. This type of degeneration has been noted in the Achilles tendon in the heel and other tendons from other parts of the body.

Getting High Quality Tendonitis Treatment in Manhattan, NYC


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