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MLS Laser Therapy
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Fotona Laser Therapy
For nail fungus, spider veins, & hair removal

Foot Pain Laser Therapy in NYC

Did you know that laser therapy can help get rid of ugly toenail fungus or treat plantar fasciitis? At Manhattan Footcare, we offer foot laser therapy to our NYC patients, thanks to two cutting-edge technologies:  Fotona laser and MLS laser therapy.

Both types of laser therapies are used to treat common foot conditions. As a result, many of our patients visit us when looking for toenail fungus laser treatment in NYC or when looking for a minimally invasive way to treat their plantar fasciitis.

Providing Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment in NYC

Fotona laser therapy is the first type of foot laser therapy we provide our NYC patients with. Fotona is an FDA-approved treatment that has proven very effective at eliminating toenail fungus.
The laser procedure requires four treatments, once a week and each treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. Our podiatrists can target a variety of skin tissues at different depths, which makes the use of Fotona minimally invasive.

Fotona Laser Therapy: Other Applications

Our podiatrists can also eliminate foot warts and remove unsightly spider veins. Some patients even visit us for unwanted hair removal.

Providing MLS Laser Therapy to NYC Patients

MLS laser, also called cold laser, is the second option you have at Manhattan Footcare, when it comes to foot pain laser therapy in NYC.  As an increasingly popular alternative to medications and surgery for pain treatment, MLS can relieve many types of foot pain in a single 10-minute session. Not only does MLS relieve pain right away, but it also promotes faster healing of injuries involving ligaments, tendons and muscles.

Treating Plantar Fasciitis

When looking to treat their plantar fasciitis, our NYC patients oftentimes ask about MLS laser therapy as an alternative to surgery. Same goes when our patients experience other common foot or ankle injuries, such as reoccurring tendonitis or bursitis.

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